5 Tips for More Relaxed Parenthood


Parenting can be a very stressful and frustrating job. One without holidays to recover when you run out of steam. And you can’t quit or change jobs – not that you’d want to!I’ve put together a few tips which help me to cope with the everyday. I hope you’ll find them useful as well.


1. Baby led weaning, and the generally relaxed approach to feeding. I trust Little F, or rather mother nature who programmed him, to eat what he wants and how much he wants. Of course it’s down to me and Daddy to make sure he is presented with a selection of good food and not chocolates and crisps. In case you don’t know what BLW is about read this post.


2. Hand me downs. The obvious benefit is that they’re not harmful to your family budget, but the added benefit is that you’re not worried that they’ll get ruined. They cost you nothing after all. I have a few outfits Little F wears when we go to the park when it’s wet or muddy. I don’t have to run after him and stop him from having fun just because he’d get muddy!
The thing with hand me downs is that once you spread the word you are happy to accept them you end up with a HUGE amount of clothes, so you can choose which ones you’ll actually use.


3. Go out to the park everyday. Get your toddler or child running and using all this marvellous energy. After a sessions of going wild they’ll have a nice long nap, letting you have some time to yourself or to do chores. The added benefit is topping up the vitamin D, essential for healthy teeth and bones.


4. Observe and respond to your child. Don’t do something just because you planned it or it’s part of schedule. Kids benefit from a routine, yes that’s true, but if your child is not up for going swimming (or whatever else you’ve planned) don’t do it. Neither of you will enjoy it.


5. Introduce books from the beginning. Little F loves books, mainly to turn and/or rip the pages, but he has these lovely moments: I come back from work and he comes to me full of enthusiasm with a book and nestles himself on my lap. We have a read or a song or just look at and talk about pictures. It’s lovely quiet time together.


What have you found to make your life with a toddler easier? Do leave me a comment and let me know. I am always on a hunt for ideas how to make parenthood a happy journey!


Ps. This is one of Little F’s rare visual appearances on this blog! Read why.


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