A farm in London? – Surrey Docks Farm

A few weeks ago we have seen something I never thought I would see in London – farm animals. And I don’t mean a few chickens and goats in a petting zoo. There were pigs, cows, donkeys, sheep, ponies and poultry galore! And the name of this I can’t-believe-my-eyes place isΒ Surrey Docks Farm. The only place I know where you can see animals grazing among sky scrapers.


We like to travel in UK and go for Β country walks, not just because it’s so pleasant Β and green, but because there’s a good chance we will see some farm animals grazing. Little F loves horses and sheep, but he never had a chance to see a cow or a pig. Somehow these two large farm animals never seem to be around.


goat and chickens surrey docks farm mumbalance


In the face of the urban myth (or is it truth?) that kids asked ‘where does the milk come from?’ reply ‘from the supermarket’, I have made sure that Little F’s reply is ‘from the cow’. The trouble was he has never seen a real one. Not to mention one being milked. Surrey Docks Farm helped us cover the first point, though sadly there was no milking happening.



carrots surrey docks farm mumbalance


Apart from seeing all the animals the kids can also admire a big collection of raised beds full of vegetables. We like to grow our own, but sadly we currently don’t have a garden. I would love Little F to be able to observe the process of growing food (we’ll have to take him to a pick your own farm next summer). In Surrey Docks Farm he was most astonished by the humble carrot. He couldn’t get his head around the fact that mummy is pointing to some green leaves and talks about long orange stuff. Luckily there was one carrot, which someone has pulled out, so I could explain properly. There were also beans, squashes, cabbages and kales – a bountiful autumn harvest.


We didn’t get a chance to sample the coffee and cake – which my friend assures me is lovely – as the cafe was closed that day.


feeding rabbit surrey docks farm mumbalance


cows surrey docks farm mumbalance


kale surrey docks farm mumbalanace


pumpkin surrey docks farm mumbalanance


donkeys and sky scrapers surrey docks farm


cockerel mosaic surrey docks farm mumbalance

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