A Piece of a Happy Childhood


Bajo Fire Engine


”Toot, toot! Out of my way, Mouse to the rescue!!”


We’ve been playing this game ever since my mum bought Little F an ingenious little wooden fire engine. The drivers change (depending on what finger puppet is handy), but the giggles remain the same, erupting into laughter when the car drives over Little F’s back – he always fails to move out of the way.


I have located the wooden toy shop, where my mum bought the little engine/baby massage tool/giggle machine in question. The brand is Bajo and they do most wonderful wooden toys. The material is traditional, but designs and ideas very modern.


All toys are simple, but with a lot of detail and different textures. Little F loves to poke elements of the engine and try to pick out the smiling, rotating driver’s head with his searching little fingers, or shake it to hear the bell. And of course the moving ladder always finds its way to his mouth. I think he likes the unpainted and slightly rougher texture it has, compared to the smooth main body.


The designers focus on creating an attractive looking toy, which can be used in open play, not limited by external scripts – like in computer games and programmes.


An added bonus is the fact that all the materials used in production are ecofriendly, the wood obtained from sustainable sources and the paint licking-friendly. Both US and EU safety norms are met. The cherry on the cake is ”Made in Poland”, rather than China or India, which of course reduces carbon footprint.


Having had a look online I am very happy that the toys are sold internationally, including UK, as this means I will have access to them once back in London (online shop here). If you don’t want to order online you can always come for a weekend to Krakow and buy them in the factory store on Grodzka street, just opposite the Wawel Castle. Lots of tourists and locals wander into the shop and find it hard to resist the temptation to buy a piece of happy childhood for their child/grandchild/niece… I step in every time I go past and so Little F already has a small collection going.



PS. This post has not been elicited by Bajo. I wrote about the toys as both me and Little F love them so much and I want to spread the joy.

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