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My son – Big F – was born in August 2013 and his arrival made me reconsider who I want to be and how I want to live my life. Being with him during the maternity leave showed me that there’s more to life than work. That it’s time to start living. He gave me courage to do what I love, to write. I am now a full time mum and a freelance writer (I might start working on a book, but ask me about that later).


Big F was joined by his sister – Little S – in January 2016, so now we are a family of four.


I’ve been conscious of green issues for a long time, but having kids spurred me to take more action and actually be greener. We are not all squeaky green, but step by step we try to make changes to our life and be more sustainable.


We can’t always buy organic, sustainable, ethical and unpackaged (‘zero waste’) products, but I try to make informed choices. I like to research things, because I want to be able to make the best possible decisions. I share results of my research on the blog to help others on their green journey (have a look in The Non-Disposables section).


Before Big F turned one we decided to go veggie, as we found it difficult to make sure that the meat we bought was from animals reared in high welfare standards. We never looked back. Eliminating meat from our diet didn’t feel like a sacrifice. Just the opposite, it opened us up to lots of new ingredients and cooking techniques. And it’s also probably the biggest green change we made to our lives (rearing animals for meat uses lots of resources and is a big source of green house emissions).


We want to be greener to make this planet a better place for our children and not leave them to deal with problems we have created. We also want to pass on our love of nature to our children, because it is an incredible source of happiness, relaxation and freedom. I have a green happy streak running through my childhood. Memories of summers roaming in the meadows and forests and wading in creeks and I want my children to experience the same. It also means that if they love nature they will want to protect it, once they are old enough to shape the world around them.


Part of the plan to make our children fall in love with nature is slow travel. We have travelled before we had kids, and now we travel with the kids. The best holidays were often the ones spent in friends’ houses, allowing us to truly experience the local culture and see that there’s more than one way to  live your life.


Spending time immersed in different cultures builds tolerance and helps the brain to think outside of the box. It allows to find a way of life that suits you, rather than adopt the one of the country you happen to be born in.


I hope you will enjoy following our journey into a greener life!


Best wishes



PS. You may be surprised not to find many pictures of our children on the blog. This is because Daddy and I decided to give them privacy and allow them to decide by themselves, when they are old enough, to post or not to post pictures of themselves online.


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