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We like to travel. Whenever Daddy has finished a project we tend to go away for at least a few days, to spend some nice time together and reconnect as a family. When we travel I put some thought into preparations to make sure the journey is as smooth as possible – we don’t want things to get stressful right at the start. The key thing is keeping Little F entertained in the car. Options are limited especially that we don’t do screen time. One of the best things to keep him quiet for longer periods of time is food. I always have a few little boxes with carefully selected treats. I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite travel snacks for toddlers.


Choosing travel snacks

There are three key points when it comes to choosing travel snacks for toddlers:

Will they leave a big mess on the back seat or will your toddler get covered with something? – of course need to avoid that, as there’s no possibility of cleaning without stopping.

How easy it is to eat the snack? – is it wrapped in something your toddler will have problems taking off? Is the container likely to split and spill the content onto toddler/seat/floor?

How long will it take to eat? – the longer the better, this is after all a mode of keeping your toddler busy


My favourite travel snacks for toddlers

pumpkin and sunflower seeds – they are small so it takes Little F a while to do away with a small box. Picking up single seeds is  also great for training fine motor skills. Even if seeds scatter on the seat/floor they are easy to clean up.

raisins and chopped dried fruit – it’s a sweet treat, but still in the healthy range. And again, because of small size it takes a while to eat and cleaning is equally easy.

nuts – we are vegetarian so nuts are a part of our daily diet. Though official advice discourages from giving whole nuts to kids under 5, because of choking hazard,  I’m comfortable with giving them to Little F. He is very good with thorough chewing, which I attribute to Baby Led Weaning – he was never offered pureed food, but finger foods right from the start. If you don’t feel comfortable with whole nuts sliced almonds or roughly chopped nuts work equally well.

corn puffs – I often buy plain ones (a Polish childhood staple) or something from Organix range. I find that corn puffs are less likely to leave crumbs than bread sticks.

bars – either home-made oat bars or something from Organix, or nakd

savoury muffins – I love this recipe from Fiona Faulkner, as it’s very easy, versatile and provides a decent meal


We’ll usually have some sandwiches as well, it depends how long we are traveling for.


What are your favourite toddler travel snacks? I’d love to hear from you, so do leave me a comment or get in touch via Twitter (@mumbalance).


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