Bloggers, are we really there for our children?

Blogs usually start, as a form of online diary. A way of recording and sharing family adventures (and misadventures). Sometimes they can offer the owner some welcome ‘freebies’ (which are never actually free!). They may also become a source of income.

Whatever the blog is it takes a lot of work and commitment. There’s pictures to be taken and edited, regular posts to be written and insatiable social media accounts to be fed.

In all this are we not losing the sight of our children? Do we not watch them too much through lenses of our phones while taking photos, rather than just enjoy watching them play? Do we not spend more time focusing on our blog stats rather than plan an activity or two to brighten their day?

When the blog is relied on as a source of income it’s only too easy to lose sight of priorities. It’s only too easy to say I’m doing this for my kids, to be able to be around, rather than go to work.

But are we really around? Checking emails on the playground. Being a thousand miles away thinking of what needs to be done in the evening, once kids are in bed. Taking instagramable photos of family fun rather then enjoying the moment.

I am guilty of most of the above. But I am aware of it and I try to limit how much my child sees me brandishing the phone. It used to be easy, when Big F had his daytime naps. It gave me lots of time to work. Now that he no longer sleeps during the day, and of course Little S is now with us, it’s harder to find time.


How to be present

Here’s a few things I do to make sure I really am present and engaged with my kids:

I plan and think ahead writing down in my calendar what is to be done and when; this means I don’t constantly think about it, trying to make sure I don’t forget

I schedule; there’s lots of programmes and apps which enable scheduling posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (socialoomph, hootsuite, late gram etc)

I do all the work in the evenings or when Big F is at nursery and Little S asleep

I use every 5 minutes while kids are occupied/asleep and I’m out of sight to do blog related things (research on posts, coming up with new post titles, planning strategy while cooking/hanging washing ; amazing how much can be done in 5 minutes!ย and I really fight hard with myself that I don’t waste this time on just checking how many likes I got on Instagram, or peeking at my blog stats 5th time today – that’s waste of time

if I have to put the laptop on (for example to link up in the morning) I explain that I am doing a little bit of work and switch off as soon as I’m done

I take photos without showing my children’s faces, so most of the time they don’t even know I am taking a picture


I want to really be present for my children. I’m willing to wait for them to get older to properly take my blog to the next level. Once they are older I’ll be able to devote more time and do more work, which will translate into higher earnings. What’s most important is the message I give my kids. Message that I love them, which means I give them my full attention. But also I don’t want them to forever see me with a phone in my hand, because I don’t want them to copy that behaviour later in their lives. Phones are useful, but they are also an ugly habit.


How do you find time for blogging in your daily life? I would love to hear from you, so do leave me a comment or get in touch on Twitter (@mumbalance).

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