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how to be found on social media mumbalance

How to be found on social media

  Social media is all about connecting with like minded people. Whether you want to build an online community or connect with relevant brands.Including the right elements in your social media profiles will help. Each social network’s search option works differently, some search names, others bios and of course there are also hashtags. I have […]

design successful blog mumbalance

How to design a successful blog

I have recently redesigned my blog, with a new fresh theme and a custom logo to match (thank you to those who commented how much you like it!). This redesign project is part of a bigger plan: making my blog more memorable and easier to navigate – some of the key aspects of a successful blog. Apart from the big […]

rain or shine mamma

The Great Blogs Series #1 – Rain or Shine Mamma

Since I started blogging I came across many blogs, all very different, which is a testament to versatility of human nature and our unbridled creativity. The most wonderful thing about discovering new blogs is coming across someone who ‘speaks’ the same language. I literally get a chill running down my spine when I find a […]

confessions mum blogger

Confessions of a stay at home mum and a blogger

Nobody on their deathbed has ever said “I wish I had spent more time at the office” Rabbi Harold Kushner   I have now officially been a full time mum and blogger for a month. And I am loving it! I certainly don’t regret leaving the pressurised and repetitive 9-5 office environment. I am very […]