Does becoming a parent make you a better person?

Having a child changes your life and changes you as a person. I believe that a lot of those changes are for better.


Here’s a few changes I owe to Little F’s arrival:


I drink far less

Long period of pregnancy and breastfeeding changed my attitude to alcohol. I no longer needed it to relax, or have fun when meeting other people. I continue drinking less, as after a long period of near abstinence I can see clearly how it affects me and my body. Less alcohol means less hangovers, which makes me a nicer and more patient person.


I smile and laugh more

I smile because I see Little F making a funny face or do something silly, or just because I am happy to see him. Tickling him and making him laugh, makes me laugh. A real belly laugh. Something I forgot I was able to do. I smile to him even if I don’t feel like smiling. And the wonderful thing is the more I smile the more I feel like smiling. Laughing is great for your psyche and is said to massage your organs. Just in case you need an internal massage


I cook more and healthier

I started to listen to my body and make sure I eat healthy in pregnancy. I had to continue this when I was breastfeeding, though of course there were many days I was so tired I didn’t manage anything healthier than a cheese toast (hopefully with spinach and tomatoes!). When Little F started to eat solids at 5 and a half months we all had to eat well, as we followed BLW (Baby Led Weaning) – a weaning method advocating feeding your baby what you eat. It was important for Daddy and me that Little F not only eats well, but also sees us eat well. The next step was becoming vegetarian. To make sure we eat a complete diet, which is especially important for Little F’s developing body, I had to learn about nutrition. I also started to experiment more in the kitchen. I’ve rediscovered cooking and I love it!


I have joined a charity

Becoming a mum made me more of a woman. It showed me what it is to be vulnerable and in need of support. It made me notice issues faced by mothers around the world. It made me want to help women, which are not as fortunate as me. I decided that the best way to do this is to find a worthy charity. My choice fell on Womankind, a wonderful organization which works hard to stop violence against women and educate women about their rights. Among other things it provides a safe place for girls who ran away from home to escape a forced marriage. Through them I want to help women and girls to find courage and strength to challenge status quo and stand up for themselves in patriarchal societies.


I became a more sharing and supportive person

I met a group of mums-to-be on a prenatal course held in St Mary’s hospital in London. We emailed each other as a group, and eventually met again once the babies were about 12 weeks. It was wonderful to feel a part of a new community. We were all exchanging advice and marvelling at our babies. We are still in touch after 19 months! This experience opened me up to meet more mums (and some dads). I wanted to share my experiences to help others, I wanted to help others overcome issues I have faced as a new mum. This is also where the blog comes in. I try to post informative posts alongside regular blog entries to share results of my research on baby/toddler issues.


I am no longer at the centre of my universe

Little F has firmly taken that spot. I carried him in my belly for 9 months and breastfed for further 11, thus extending period of watching what I eat and cutting out alcohol. Now that he is 19 months it is still the case that if we are both hungry he is the first one to eat. Of course his priority extends beyond food matters. I love him and I want to see him happy now and in his future life. This does not mean that I gave up on me-time and became my son’s slave. I do try to find balance here…


How has your child(ren) changed your life? I’d love to hear from you so do leave me a comment.


Photo credit: Frédéric de Villamil / Foter / CC BY-SA

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