Earth Friendly Baby – Happy Mandarin bath range Review

Before Little F was born I did what every mother-to-be does, I researched and bought lots of things. Too many things. I did my best to limit myself, nevertheless the plentiful ‘essential’ lists for newborns did manage to convince me to buy a few unnecessary items.


Among the things I bought, which were actually useful, was a baby bubble bath and shampoo & body wash from Earth Friendly Baby.  I had to wait a few months to use the bubble bath, as with newborns it’s best to use just water. And even longer to use the shampoo, as Little F was virtually bald until he was one. Still, the bath goodies were definitely a good buy.


The most important thing I took into consideration when I was choosing cosmetics for my soon-to-be-born baby, was harmful chemicals, or rather lack of them. Skin is our largest organ and a very absorbent one at that, which is especially the case with babies and children. We think a lot about what we feed our children, in other words what goes in them. We should also pay attention what we put on them.


earth friendly baby review


Earth Friendly Baby products are certified organic by Ecocert – a certification body for natural and organic cosmetics. An amazing 99.2% of ingredients are from natural origin, and 50,1% are from organic farming. To earn you even more eco-points there is no animal testing involved, the packaging is made entirely from recycled materials, and is of course recyclable, and finally carbon footprint is minimalism through local – UK – production.  And it’s suitable for vegans too.


I chose Calming Lavender, as I love the smell and I hoped it would be soothing for Little F, and help him fall asleep (unfortunately this was not usually the case… he just wasn’t a good sleeper). Once we’ve run out of lavender – which took a while, as both the bubble bath and the shampoo & bodywash  are quite concentrated – I bought the Soothing Chamomile range. This was lovely as well, but the lavender remained my preference.


I have recently become aware of the third range Happy Mandarin. We were kindly sent Happy Mandarin Bubble Bath and Shampoo & Bodywash by Earth Friendly Baby to test it out.


The nice thing about all three smells is that they are delicate and don’t linger on the skin. You have a nice aromatic bath time, but as soon as your baby/toddler is out of the water and you cuddle him in a warmed up towel, all you can smell is their unique clean warm skin smell. Better than any perfume in the world!


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Mandarin has a pleasant citrusy smell and creates soft bubbles for Little F to enjoy. They don’t last throughout the whole bath, but I guess there has to be a compromise when you buy a natural product. Little F doesn’t seem to mind anyway. By the time the bubbles are gone we usually make lots more on his head with the shampoo & bodywash.


The shampoo lathers-up very well, with thick and creamy foam. It stays quite firmly on the hair, which means there’s less chances of it getting into Little F’s eyes. Despite the thick consistency the lather washed out easily, which is a saviour as Little F is not very cooperative when it comes to bending his head backwards!


earth friendly baby review 3


Having tried all three bath ranges from Earth Friendly Baby, Calming Lavender remains my favourite. But then I am known to put drops of lavender oil onto my cushion to help me sleep, so I am certainly biased on the smell front!

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PS. We have been provided with Happy Mandarin Bubble Bath and Shampoo & Bodywash for the purpose of this review. The opinions are honest and entirely my own (with a little sway from Little F!).

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