EcoDiva – Ultimate Eco Cleaner – Review and Giveaway

I am not a cleanliness maniac and I prefer to sped my time doing things which will benefit me in the long run  – like quality family time (outdoors if possible), blogging, yoga, Qigong, writing, cooking from scratch, and let’s not forget about sleeping. When I do clean I need a quick and effective product. I also want my cleaning product to be eco friendly. Sadly I am too lazy to mix up my own cleaning solutions with lemon, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. And I don’t like the smell of vinegar.


Luckily there are entrepreneurs like lovely Abi from EcoDiva, who feel the way I do. Abi and her team have created a plant based multipurpose cleaner, which is free from harmful chemicals. I was very curious to test out her product. Especially that it is also used in top hotels. Having worked in a 5 star hotel I know that the Head Housekeeper would not purchase a product if it was expensive or ineffective.


Eco Diva cleaner



We have received our beautifully presented parcel a couple of weeks ago, so I had plenty of time to try the cleaner on various surfaces. The parcel contained:


1 litre concentrated EcoDiva Ultimate Eco Cleaner

1 spray bottle (the concentrate makes 14 of these!)

2 professional quality microfiber cloths (pink for wet cleaning and blue for streak free finish)



Before I reveal the results of my tests, here’s some benefits from using EcoDiva:

For the environment

99% of ingredients are plant based

biodegradable (98.9% will break down after use within 28 days. ‘Eco’ EU requirement requires only 60% biodegradability, so EcoDiva is ahead of standards).

concentrated – less plastic bottles used, as spray bottle is reusable; less fuel is used for transportation, as there is less weight

no harsh chemicals, artificial colours or scents

For you

highly effective on all surfaces, so you will need less cleaning products in your house; you may be able to convert your cleaning cupboard into baker’s paradise

no irritants like bleach and ammonia, which can cause allergic reactions, asthma  and MSC (Multiple Chemicals Sensitivity); not keeping harsh chemicals in the house makes it a safer environment for your kids and pets

good price, as1 litre concentrated  bottle gives 14 spray bottles

clean home and clean conscience

the spray has a lovely fresh citrusy smell, and I don’t mean the nasty zingy smell often added to mask the smell of ammonia, which can make your eyes water; the smell is all natural from essential lime and orange oil

 hard wearing cleaning cloths can be washed 500 times in up to 90C, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them often




Kitchen is the place I clean the most, as it gets messiest. I cook meals fresh from the scratch every day, sometimes more than once a day, so the surfaces see lots of action. I have used the spray to clean the kitchen top surface and the gas cooker. It worked well.


I have also used the spray to clean the floor after sweeping. I use a professional mop with microfiber cloth (I got housekeeping to order me one when I worked at the hotel). I dampened the cloth with water and sprayed the floor with EcoDiva. A quick wipe and job done.



Bathroom is the number two messy area. There’s the sink, the shower screen, basin, the shiny cupboard, the mirror, taps… Lots of surfaces to clean.


I was amazed how easy it was to do the mirror. One wipe and I had a perfectly streak free finish. I know it sais for all surfaces on the bottle, but somehow I didn’t think windows and mirrors were in that category being vertical.


The spray done and equally good and easy job of cleaning the taps to buffered shine. It didn’t perform so well with the basin though. I must mention that we use bar soap, which tends to leave more suds and grime. And add that the basin has been slow to empty leaving even more suds lingering – I need to put (an eco) drain cleaner down the pipe.


I gave the spray a second chance: I’ve sprayed the basin and washed it after 10 minutes. With a bit of extra time it worked OK, but didn’t remove all the oily grime.


I’ve washed my son’s plastic baby bath, just to try another type of surface. We keep his bath in the shower cabin, so as I was cleaning the bath I also sprayed the glass shower screen. The spray didn’t remove much limescale. I sprayed again and left it for 10 minutes. It worked a bit better, but I think I’ll stick with my current product for that particular job.


Bathroom is now fully tested and mostly clean. It’s just a shame no one has invented a spray to magically empty the washing basket… Mine always seems to be on the brink or actually overflowing.



I have used the spray after every meal on our glass dining table and it has dealt very well with mess created by Little F. Grimy finger marks from eating pancakes, slightly crusty porridge and squidgy smears of banana among other food items. It’s great to have two cloths: one to remove the food bits and the other to polish off.


I have also cleaned our wooden side tables and my also wooden antique-ish work table. No problems there.


Little F had a go at spraying and cleaning leather couches and they did not raise any complaints either.



All in all it is a great product, which will save you money and space, as you won’t need to buy as many cleaning products. It will also make your home a safer place, as you won’t be storing as many harmful chemicals. An important point for families with children.


The environment will certainly thank you.



If you would like to know more about green cleaning and benefits of using natural cleaners head to EcoDiva’s YouTube channel. Abi has prepared a few short and informative videos. My favourite is Cleaning vs Disinfecting.


eco diva eco cleaner


GIVEAWAY and what to do if you don’t win

I have teamed up with Abi to offer one lucky winner a starter pack, just like the one I have received. The pack includes:

1 litre concentrate bottle

1 refillable spray bottle

2 microfiber cleaning cloths

This is enough for a year’s worth of cleaning – depending on how ‘cleany’ you are.


If it’s not your lucky day and you are not the one lucky winner don’t despair. You can use the promo code ‘mumbalance’ and receive 10% discount, as well as an extra cleaning cloth (making a total of three cloths in the starter pack). You can place your orders on EcoDiva website.



PS. We have received a starter pack from EcoDiva for the purpose of an honest review.


The winner will be emailed once the competition is finished

(UK entrants only please)

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