Exactly how much do you save by using dried beans?

Since we became veggie we started eating more beans and pulses. I usually buy tinned beans for their convenience. There is no soaking, cooking and freezing. Recently though I decided to try dried beans, partly because it’s not always easy to buy tinned beans without salt and additives, and partly because it makes my shopping bags lighter. I also knew the move to dried beans was going to save us some money.


Considering that I have to put a little extra effort into preparing the dried beans, I wanted to know exactly how much we are saving. Here’s the result of my calculations.


exactly how much do you save by using dried beans?


By the way, the soaking, cooking and freezing is not much hassle at all, and certainly worth it if you do big batches. Soaking is best done overnight. And to cook the beans just set a timer and leave them cooking away for a couple of  hours,  there’s no need to stand over the stove . Once cooked and cooled I weigh the beans and put about 250g portions into little bags and freeze them. The 250 grams is roughly the equivalent of a tin of beans, which makes things easy when cooking, as most recipes ask for a tin of beans. You can use the beans straight from the freezer, no need to defrost.


A 400 g tin of beans is roughly 240 g of cooked beans.


Because dried beans are much cheaper I can now buy the best dried beans on the market: organic and fairtrade (whenever available). I particularly like SUMA beans- workers cooperative focused on providing ethical, organic and fair trade goods.


Dried beans roughly triple in weight, so 500g bag of beans will give about 1.5kg of cooked beans.


The calculations are based on the fact that dried beans roughly triple in weight after soaking and cooking, so a 500g bag of dried beans will give about 1.5 kg of cooked beans. Let’s finally move on to my calculations for 5 most popular beans on the market:


how much do you save using dried beans


PS. I have not been compensated by any of the above mentioned brands. Links are provided purely for your convenience.


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