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Social media is all about connecting with like minded people. Whether you want to build an online community or connect with relevant brands.Including the right elements in your social media profiles will help. Each social network’s search option works differently, some search names, others bios and of course there are also hashtags. I have recently rebranded my blog and as part of the project I have updated all my social media accounts. Here’s my quick guide to creating social media profiles, which represent who you are and make you easy to find.



Twitter is my favourite social media channel. It is also the easiest one to search. Both the username and the bio is included in search results. It’s easy to filter search results by categories: live tweets, photos, accounts etc.

Since there is only 160 signs twitter bio needs to be precise and well thought out. It’s a good idea to use keywords. They will let others know who you are, or what your blog is about, it also makes it easier to be found. Hashtags are also great to make it clear what to expect from your account, and of course will make it easier to find you. Don’t use too many (no more than 2 or 3).

If you want to earn money through blogging make it clear in your bio what sort of content will appear in your feed. Potential employers and brands need to see that you contribute to the discussion rather than being just a passive user.

Finally, do make sure to include link to your blog in bio, this way it will be easily accessible when someone is doing an account search.

And last but not least, keep it light. Or funny if you want. Don’t cram too much in. You want to interest and intrigue, but not overwhelm potential followers.



Facebook only considers two search criteria: name and fun count (number of likes). If there are a few accounts with the same name (which is possible on Facebook) the one with more likes will be on top of the search. Because name is such an important factor in search terms, keep it simple and clear. Don’t shorten it (as you might for Twitter) and use spaces between words.

There is space for a short bio in your profile, but this is in no way included in search. It is there to let your potential followers know what the account is about. And entice them to follow you. It is an important element of your Facebook profile, just not in terms of being discovered.



Only the name is searchable, so to make it easier to be found make sure to include your (or your blog’s) name and ideally a key word (your profession or niche for example). For me that’s ‘mumbalance – green family blog‘.

I like accounts, which make it clear what to expect. And brands like it too. So though key words and hashtags are not searchable, do use some keywords to make it clear to your audience what your account is about. Don’t use hashtags in your bio, unless it’s one you are know for.

Make sure to include a clickable link! On Instagram bio is the only place where you can have a working link.

I like instagram. At the moment it doesn’t drive a huge amount of traffic to my blog, but it’s fun. It has a real sense of community and it’s nice to spend time flicking and commenting on nice photos. With this in mind keep your bio fun, engaging and informal – don’t just paste it from another account (though keep it consistent with the branding you have created for your blog).



Pinterest, like Facebook and Instagram, only uses the name in search criteria. A bio is still important to encourage followers, but will not help with being found. And of course, there are no hashtags on Pinterest.


Considering you should keep the same name on all social media accounts (to make it easier for your followers to find you on all social channels), but bio should be different for each account, it is important to take time when choosing the name and writing bios. Each social network is slightly different and people use it for different reasons, so give your potential followers good reasons to follow all your social media channels.


What is your favourite social media account? I’d love to hear from you so do leave me a comment or get in touch on twitter (@mumbalance).

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