Free and easy Halloween decorations – egg cartons, milk bottles, toilet roll

I have never before celebrated american style Halloween. In my native Poland it’s a solemn day of visiting graves and burning candles, rather than a fun night of trick or treating. This year Little F is old enough to  enjoy such festivals, so we are making all sorts of crafts and easy Halloween decorations. Pinterest has been a great friend of mine when it comes to inspiration. All the crafts we have made are from materials we have at home, like milk bottles, toilet rolls and egg cartons. No googly eyes or pipe cleaners required.


So far we have made a toilet roll bat and lantern fruit chain (we have them growing in the front garden). The bats were inspired by Instagram, but it was such a fleeting glance I can’t remember the account…

halloween decorations craft toilet roll bat

halloween decorations craft bat chain


Milk bottle ghosts, inspired by wonderful Ali behind @incredibusy Instagram account:

halloween decorations crafts milk bottles


Here’s a few more crafts we are going to get done this week.

Egg carton and tissue ghosts.


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Two paper pumpkin crafts

Number one


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Number two


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Egg carton monsters

egg carton halloween craft

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Have you got any favourite Halloween crafts?