How to be frugal and green (save money and the planet)

Making frugal choices is not always the same as making green choices. If you’re frugal you reuse and recycle things in the same way you do as when you want to be more sustainable. You save resources like water and electricity, because they cost you money. The main difference is what things you buy. Being frugal can mean a false saving for you and for the planet.


How to be frugal

If you want to save money you’ll buy cheaper products. This will often mean:

not organic (produced in a way, which pollutes the environment)

using artificial additives (not as healthy for your family)

made in China (incurring lots of air miles; made by poorly paid factory workers; poor quality items, so they will need to be replaced soon)

disposable quality items, think cheap toys which break after a few days play and go straight to the bin

poor quality clothes (bad for the environment, as lots of energy goes into producing and transporting them; made by badly paid workers); they also don’t really save you money, as they are designed to be worn only about 10 times, after that they need to be replaced


How to be frugal and green

Here’s a few ideas how you can save money, but also save the planet at the same time:

buy less, but better quality (clothes, kitchen equipment etc), initial lay out will be bigger, but items will last longer

buy organic – don’t make a false saving on your family’s health (pesticides are toxic and have been shown to be harmful to humans)

save water and electricity – regardless if you have a meter or not

charity shops are a great source of cheap clothes, books, toys, crockery and lots more

buy in bulk it’s usually cheaper and means less packaging

Don’t make short term savings, which will cost the planet in the long term. It will be our kids and grand-kids, who will have to deal with the mess we leave behind.

Do you have any frugal and green ideas you use in your daily life? I would love to hear from you so do leave me a comment or get in touch on Twitter (@mumbalance)

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