Gratitude list #2

While navigating the strange realms of blogosphere I came across the idea of writing a weekly gratitude list. I love the idea as it really makes you focus on the good things, which happened to you and your family that week. These are the things I want to remember when I look back in some years time, so it’s wonderful to have them all written down in one place.

fun in the park toddler

Here’s what made me happy this week:

My Tai Chi Challenge has been posted on FB page Best Tai Chi videos and I have received a huge amount of interest from Tai Chi community. Lots of useful tips as well!

Due to extra days off this week (May bank holiday and election), we’ve had Little F’s older cousins over. It’s wonderful to watch how excited Little F gets when he sees them!

I’ve some exciting travel coming up thanks to blogging – watch this space!

We’ve had a wonderful time at Bach to Baby classical music concert for babies and young children. I know it sounds posh, but it’s actually nice and relaxed with kids everywhere!

My 5-day virus gave me my energy back after 2 days. Just as well, as nothing gets done when mummy is ill.

Blogging finally seems to be working out for me and I am excited for things I have coming up in the next two weeks.


What has made you happy this week?


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