Headspace and new perspective

As you can see there hasn’t been much activity lately on the blog. I suddenly felt that I needed a break. I love blogging, but there are other things I love doing. Blogging does take a lot of my time and it sometimes stops me from indulging in other pleasures.


Simple things like reading, enjoying the sunny weather (whenever there is a break in the clouds!), testing out the new hammock (it’s actually 5 years old, but it wasn’t until this year that we found two perfect trees to hang it on), planning a messy play area in the garden for Little F (thank you Pinterest for inspiration!), contemplating NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month in November – I have been tempted before, I might take part this year…). And just relaxing in general, without blogging lots of ‘items’ are taken off my daily to do list giving me more headspace to enjoy time with Little F or plan a really nice dinner. And daydreaming –  that’s nice too.


I also used this time  to take a step back and look at the blog from a different perspective. I was so wrapped up in day to day running it, that I kept on putting off changes  I wanted to make and improvement ideas I had. I finally had a chance to do some long terms thinking and planning.


There will be changes, some long overdue – like a better head shot! I have also found an inspiring artist to create a logo for me – a must for any self respecting professional blogger. I also feel the need to update the look and theme of the blog.


I am planning more useful and focused posts linked to my trio of interest – green, veggie, bilingualism. I want my blog to be a source of information for families. We all need support and inspiration when doing something new in our lives.


Do watch this space!