Home-made biodegradable playdough

The weather is not as warm now and our local park is on a hill and very windy. This means we don’t spend as much time outdoors. I’m not a particularly crafty mum, I thought I would be, but it turns out outdoor activities are more fun both for me and Little F. That said we now spend more time at home, so I had to step up to the challenge and think of some activities. Enter home-made playdough.


We’ve made it last winter, but Little F was too keen on putting it in his mouth, so we couldn’t use it so much. The dough is safe and non toxic, but not really something you want your toddler to eat. Now that Little F is over two I though I’d give it another go.


You can find the recipe for home-made playdough here. You are likely to have all the ingredients in your store cupboard and the dough is ready in minutes. Here’s how we got on with it.


First we assembled some things, which we though would be fun to use with playdough: rolling pin, plastic pastry knife, cookie cutters (ones with handles are the best), cones, conkers, stones (smooth and porous), dry leaves, acorn ‘hats’, large seeds, silicone muffin moulds, Yorkshire pudding trays. You can use whatever you have at home.


home made playdough play equipment


Little F loves rolling out the dough, as it’s something we do when we cook together in the real kitchen. But there’s other things we got up to:

making pierogi mumbalance

We made pierogi (Polish stuffed dumplings). Step one: put desired stuffing on a round-ish piece of dough.


playdough activities

Step two: Cover the filling and crimp the edges. We like cooking together, but this is always a great  opportunity for Little F to do whatever he likes with the ingredients 🙂


home made playdough cutting

We’ve cut the dough into smaller pieces. And just randomly scored it for the sheer pleasure of it 🙂 Great work out for little fingers.


home made playdough nature play cone

Playdough is great for making impressions. We’ve included nature exploration in this playdough sessions: conkers make nice and smooth indentations; cones are rugged and more interesting, great for making fish or snake scale patterns.


home made playdough exploring natureApart from conkers and cones we also tried various stones and shells and other natural materials we have collected during our walks.


Home made playdough is very versatile and great for open ended play. We often don’t have a theme to the session, I just go with what Little F fancies doing. Sometimes we make animals and other times it may be pizza or muffins.  It’s a great way to help develop child’s imagination and fine motor skills.


What do you like to do on rainy days?

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