How I decluttered my life

For a long time I have been fed up with moving things from one place to another in a futile attempt to tidy up. And then I found out that clutter is actually detrimental to our health (especially for women), so a few weeks ago I embarked on a mission to declutter my life and gave you some simple  advice to do the same. I hope my post has inspired you to do some soul searching and empty your wardrobes to gain peace of mind.


Well, I did  gather a big amount of stuff I am happy to get rid off. I am very surprised how much unnecessary clutter I have been holding on to. Every time we moved we dragged it with us, every time I tidied I move the things from one room to another and every time I put clothes away into wardrobe I struggled for space. Things are much better now and my blood pressure has certainly gone down, so I can testify that researchers from UCLA are right to say that clutter is detrimental to women’s health.

how to declutter your life



I have gathered 11 large bin bags of things I am happy to part with, and here’s what they contain (plus a few loose items):

20 kg of clothes

4 wallets

3 coats

6 pairs of shoes

4 bags

2 suitcases

2 biker jackets

biker helmet

biker gloves

boxing gloves

cross trainer (still waiting for the right price on eBay)

1 sheepskin jacket

4 bottles of perfumes (unwanted gifts)


slow cooker



2 rubble bags of books

electric toothbrush

2 epilators

2 desk lamps

sheet, pillowcases and duvet covers



Most of the stuff will go to Cancer Research charity shop, whenever Daddy has some time to take it. There’s more than a boot full! When I started out I thought I’d take the things down on the bus – I can fit quite a lot on to the buggy – but the mountain of things started growing and any idea of public transport had to be discarded.


I did sell a few things on eBay, but I was disappointed with the process. It took me quite some time to take decent photos of the items and create profiles for them. Then throughout the bidding process I had to answer emails with potential buyers’ questions. It took a little while to do this, as I could not do it easily from my phone and had to log into eBay account on the laptop. Items sold at quite low prices and in total for 5 items I gained about £80, minus eBay and postage fees, I was left with around £50. On top of that two of the ‘collection only’ items have not been collected, and one of them is now requesting posting the item (another trip to post office…).


All in all, I think charity shop is the best option. It’s the least hassle and the charity shop will be able to sell the items at a better price than what I sold them for. And of course the money will go to a good cause.


Have you done any decluttering this spring? If you have, how has it made you feel?

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