How to get nominated for BiBs?

I am sat in front of my laptop thinking ‘How do I get nominated for the BiBs?’. If you are a blogger I am sure you know what BiBs are, but just in case you are new in this game. BiBs stands for Brilliance in Blogging and is the biggest annual award in the blogging world (at least in UK). The awards have been created by BritMums, UKs biggest online platform for lifestyle and parenting bloggers.


Part of me is shrinking for even putting myself out there, but I put a lot of time and effort into my blog and it would be great to have something to put on the mantelpiece (if I find some space in between photo-frames that is).

how to get nominated BiB 2015

How am I going to get nominated?

1. I am asking YOU to nominate me in Fresh Voice or Inspire category – it only takes a minute!


2. I am creating this post to attract some attention to my blog, so here’s a few of my favourite posts. Hopefully they will convince you I’m worth voting for!

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No more picky eaters

Are grandparents driving obesity epidemic?


3. I will promote my nomination on social media like TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Pinterest, to make sure it reaches as many people as possible. Follow me to see how I do it!


4. I will vote on my favourite bloggers and let them know I am voting for them. Maybe some of them will return the favour.


5. I have nominated myself (this is legal!) and I will ask my friends and family to vote. A lot of them do read my blog regularly and take pleasure from it, so it’s only fair they give me some fuel to keep on writing!


6. I have created an attractive image to catch people’s attention when my nomination is promoted via social media.


7. I have placed the Nominate Me badges in a prominent place on my home page and sidebar, I will also include it under each new post. This will make sure everyone who visits my page will know I am asking for votes.






How are you going to promote your nomination to BiBs 2015? What category are you putting yourself up for?

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