Les Sublimes – a sustainable clothes brand that wants you to have it all

I am not much of a fashion blogger, so when I do talk clothes I tend to take the sustainability and ethics angle. I have recently been approached by an exciting new brand, which is launching today (hurray!). Les Sublimes promises to give everything to a lover of sustainable clothes: timeless style allowing to wear the clothes again and again; ethical working conditions in all manufacturing stages; sustainable fabrics; support to local economy (clothes are made in France).

I am in the midst of my Zero Waste Challenge (next update tomorrow!) and fashion choices are part of he zero waste lifestyle. I do tend to buy my clothes in charity shops, but when I do occasionally buy something new I want to make sure it is something versatile. Something, which is good quality, easy to dress up or down and comfortable – essentially something I will be happy to wear for years to come. And of course I also like my clothes organic and ethically produced. Local production is also a nice touch. Les Sublimes meets all these points (though not all their designs are in organic fabrics). And for the fashion snobs out there, this is Parisian design and fashion.


Ethical and sustainable fabrics

Apart from cotton (organic and non-organic) Les Sublimes sustainable clothes are made from Lenzing Modal, which is made from … beechwood! I never knew that fibers can be made out of trees, but apparently this process uses far less water than for example production of cotton. Lenzing is in Austria, so the whole process is closely controlled for quality and sustainability. And of course there is little transportation needed, so the carbon footprint is low.

Alpaca and cashmere are both soft and natural fibers, giving a sense of luxury. Cashmere against naked skin is pure pleasure. Neither requires use of pesticides or antibiotics, while both are renewable (the fleece grows back on the animal). It’s also good to know that both alpaca and cashmere are sourced directly from farmers and co-ops to make sure fair prices for the farmers (or is it herders?).

Of course the advantage of using natural fibers is that once you are done with your clothes (many years down the line!) they are biodegradable.


Sustainable clothes

I’ll let the clothes do the talking. We all know that an image is worth a thousand words, and of course if you don’t like the designs, no matter how and what they are made of you won’t want to buy and wear them.

les sublimes zero waste shopping mumbalance

I love that this model is actually doing zero waste shopping at a package-less stall with a cotton bag.

les sublimes grey dress mumbalance

This is such a simple and comfortable dress. Easy to wear everyday, but with different shoes and a couple of accessories a smart going-out dress too.

les sublimes blackdress front mumbalance

les sublimes black dress back mumbalance

Another dress, so easy to dress up or down. A perfect part of a sustainable capsule wardrobe. And I love the back,  a simple twist, but it makes it instantly more sophisticated and interesting.

les sublimes pink top back mumbalance

And another sexy back. I really love this detail!


Like it?

Now that you have fallen in love with these simple designs it’s time to put your hand in the pocket. Les Sublimes is running a crowdfunding campaign and you can support this ethical and sustainable brand here.

les sublimes logo mumbalance


PS. This is NOT a sponsored post. I am writing about the launch of Les Sublimes as I genuinely want to support such a sustainable and ethical business.The founders certainly embrace the motto ‘be the change you want to see’. 

PPS. All images are courtesy of Les Sublimes.

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