Non-disposables: alternatives to cling film – eco snack wrap review and giveaway

This is a first post in a new series all about replacing disposable items like cling film, wipes, kitchen towels, nappies etc with more durable and sustainable alternatives. Over the next few months I will be searching out and reviewing non-disposable alternatives to everyday items. Or simply suggesting how to replace a disposable item with something you may already have. I am very excited about this project, as I have already come across some ingenious solutions, which help to cut down on how much rubbish we produce, and help us live more sustainable lives.

Just like anyone else I don’t want to make my life more difficult, so I am hoping that a lot of the non-disposables will turn out to be easy to use and maybe even save me money. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss my discoveries!


Alternatives toΒ cling film

Packed lunches are a big challenge to our sustainability. Daddy works long days in construction industry, so when I say packed lunch I mean a whole day’s worth of food – breakfast sandwich, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, a spare sandwich for hungry days… That’s usually 4-5 sandwiches plus fruit and Daddy’s favourite dry Italian pretzels. All this gets wrapped in cling film or, in case of soft fruit and pretzels, put into resealable plastic bags. That’s a lot of cling film, at least the bags I am able to reuse many many times. This is a problem as cling film is not recyclable.

If it was a case of one or two sandwiches, a suitable lunch box might have saved the problem, but Daddy can’t be dragging around two or three of them. I was looking for a solution online and that’s how I came across Eco Snack Wraps. They were kind enough to send me some samples to try out and review.


Eco Snack Wrap review

The idea is very simple, the eco snack wrap is basically a piece of cotton cloth with a protective PVC coating (phthalate and heavy metal free) and some velcro strips to keep the sandwich together. Ingenious really, and no instructions necessary. The wrap can be wiped clean, hand or machine-washed.

eco snack wrap non-disposables mumbalance alternatives to cling film

I found that using the wrap did not add any extra work for me really. Of course it has to be washed after use, especially that Daddy’s hand’s can be quite dusty, as he doesn’t always have facilities available to wash his hands before eating. That’s not a problem, as I can simply add the wrap with normal washing – the washing machine is on most days anyway. The only issue is that I need quite a few wraps. Daddy often comes home late and that does not give me enough time to wash and dry the wraps before preparing sandwiches for the next day.

A handy thing about this alternative to cling film is that it gives you a clean place where you can put the sandwich down, great in messy conditions, whether it’s a building site or a picnic.

The wrap works great for Daddy, though it’s not so good for Big F. Cling film works well when a toddler eats a sandwich, as it can be unwrapped bit by bit, so the filling does not come out at the other end. Of course a sticky filling like peanut butter won’t come out, but cheese and tomato definitely will.

alternatives to cling film eco snack wrap mumbalance

We have also been sent a snack pocket, which is made out of the same type of fabric as the wrap. It’s basically a little squre-ish bag fastened with velcro. It’s very handy for Daddy’s pretzels, and can also hold fruit (nothing too sqhuishy though).

Both the wraps and snack bags come in various colourful fabrics and have sewn in name tags, just in case you are having your lunch with a fellow eco-friendly person and you don’t want your wraps mixed up.

On the whole I really like the idea and I am happy to use both the wrap and snack pocket. It certainly resolves some of our cling film problems.


The idea has been developed in Australia, but the wraps themselves are ethically made in India. The factory has been selected to ensure good working conditions, fair wages and no child labour. It is a long way for the products to travel to UK, but cling film is not produced in UK either, so having a more durable solution saves on air-miles.

The fabric is fully biodegradable.

The product removes the need for non-recyclable cling film.

The fabric meets Oeko-Tex 100 standard, which means there are no harmful substances used in production of the fabric.



I am very happy to offer one of my readers a Β£40 bundle of:

2 eco snack wraps

2 snack pockets

2 food covers

This will give you plenty of yummy lunches or sunny picnics without clingfilm πŸ™‚

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PS. We have been sent eco snack wrap products for the purpose of this review. All the opinions are my own and entirely honest.

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