One small step… – Made Sustained review and giveaway

I believe that by making small changes in our everyday lives, we make a big difference and help keep our planet greener for our children and generations to come. I’m talking about small things, like switching off water when brushing your teeth, using biodegradable washing-up liquid, not using plastic shopping bags and not buying bottled water.  A small change in everyday habits is like Neil Armstrong’s one small step…


One small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind

Neil Armstrong


I am very happy that we have been recently approached by Made Sustained to review a couple of their products. I am in particular happy to discover their Eureka-moment shopping bags. They have helped me plug a hole, through which small plastic bags were still entering our house.


made sustained all shopping bags


Re-Sack Nets


We all know about reusable ‘bags for life’. There’s noting new about that. What Made Sustained have come up with are shopping nets and sacks with drawstrings to keep small items from scattering all over the big bag. I like shopping at fruit and veg stalls and while most of the shopping ends up loose in my palm leaf basket (this is what I’m talking about), small things like cherries need to be bagged separately, otherwise they might get squashed. These bags are also handy to keep away any muddy veg from the rest of the shop. And keep mushrooms in the fridge – they should never be kept in plastic bags.


Re-sack bags and nets are made from organic cotton and are machine washable cold. This is very handy, as one day you can use them for muddy potatoes, while next time you shop you might want to pop your bread rolls in them. Each bag has a small label indicating it’s weight, so the seller can calibrate his scales accordingly. I don’t bother with cheaper items like carrots, but it’s important with expensive things like nuts.


made sustained nets


The set we have received comprises of one large shopping bag with handles, one big cotton sack with drawstrings, one big net with drawstrings and one small net with drawstrings (each of these can be bough separately). The shopping bag is very capacious, but of course it won’t hold your weekly shop, so do hold on to whatever bags for life you already have.


As a mum I usually go shopping with my toddler in the buggy, so it’s a big advantage for me that the shopping bag is quite wide and comfortably fits onto the buggy handles. If I’m not buying any small squashable items I use the nets to hold things like apples, which I can pop under the buggy – if they were loose there’s a good chance they would have fallen out.  The bag is not really designed to carry over your shoulder, as the handles are relatively small and the bags is quite wide.


The only minus I can think of so far is the colour. As much as I like the lovely creamy colour of unbleached cotton, I would’ve preferred it to be darker to hide any unavoidable stains. I have a lot of cloth bags and I know from experience that some spill stains just don’t come off.


made sustained review


I have been carefully looking at the labels, and noticed that these bags are made in India. This has initially put me off, but than I noticed another label, which immediately killed my suspicions. The label I am talking about is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). It offers a clear assurance that whoever made these bags is working in good conditions and is paid a living wage. Needles to say child labour is strictly out of question.



These bags are not only reusable, replacing the need for plastic bags, they are also made from organic cotton, which is better for environment and the farmers (you can read why in here).  Being made from natural fibers makes them also biodegradable. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) ensures care for both the environment and the work force.


made sustained bottle review


Made Sustained 500 ml bottle


Once again you would be excused for thinking that this is nothing new. Just another reusable bottle. And once again you would be mistaken. This bottle is insulated, which means it can hold cold as well as warm drinks.  Wonderful versatility.


Since I am now 8 months pregnant and am having problems with my hip joints popping out, we were sadly not able to test drive this bottle during a lovely autumn walk. Instead I gave it to Daddy to try it out. He works on construction sites, where facilities are often limited, so having your preferred drink with you is a must.


I chose a silver bottle knowing that Daddy could easily scratch up any colour and make the bottle look less attractive, and so less desirable for future use. After a week of heavy duty usage it still looks great, despite  a few small scratches. The bottle is made from stainless steel throughout, so there’s no worry about breaking or denting it.


When I asked Daddy for his opinion he said his favourite feature was the versatility. Most days he’ll fill it with hot green tea in the morning, but he can also use it for water during the day, once the tea runs out. It’s a much better size compared to our cumbersome flask. Though I must highlight here, this is not a mini flask. It keeps drinks warm for up to 4 hours. It won’t keep your tea hot, like a standard flask.


According to Made Sustained website the bottle can keep drinks cool for up to 20 hours. We didn’t really test that, as the weather is so cold a drink in any bottle would be cold.



The bottle is made entirely from stainless steel, which makes it virtually indestructible. Little F will probably inherit it from us! It’s BPA free (read here why it matters). It also fits into a bike water holder, so it encourages you to ditch the car and use some muscle power.


About Made Sustained

Made Sustained is a young Dutch company, which focuses on sustainable and practically and visually well designed  objects. Their market focuses on Europe. It’s great to see a company, which places care for environment and reduction of waste at it’s core.




Made Sustained Giveaway

I have been kindly offered two bundles to giveaway. Each bundle is worth around £30 (depending on Euro to £ conversion rate) and consists of:

A set of re-sack bags: 1 shopping bag, 1 net bag with a drawstring, 1 cotton bag with a drawstring

500 ml insulated stainless  steel bottle

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PS. We have been offered the bottle and the set of bags for the purpose of this review. All the opinions are honest and my own, with exception of Daddy’s input.

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