Point+Shoot/Living Arrows – Down to earth parenting

With the spring finally here we can practice our favourite thing: down to earth parenting. Long warm days mean we can spend more time outdoors. I love to accompany Little F while he is exploring our local park, with it’s various areas: the meadow with long grass, walled garden full of flower beds, the playground and the mini woodland.


The flowers are popping up everywhere and we are teaching him about their fragility (he is a proper toddler, which means he tries to pull them out) and their wonderful smell. Sometimes he comes up to flowers and just smells them, and sometimes he pulls them out and then smells them. Daisies seem to be his favourite at the moment, because he has discovered that they are the right size to stick them into his nose! He makes me laugh everytime he turns his face to me with a daisy or two sticking out of his nostrils.


Recently Daddy has been showing Little F how fragile the flowers are, by teaching him to touch them and stroke them gently. After that he went around the garden and stroked trees and best of all tried to cuddle big stones, by bringing his cheek close to them! We all enjoyed that walk 🙂


Here he is nonchalantly strolling through the woodland area with two sticks for his companions. What better toy could a toddler ask for?


down to earth parenting

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