Point+Shoot/Living Arrows – Toddlers Love to Cook

We cook a lot. We cook every day. We, that is Little F and me.


Ever since he was ill on our holiday in Forest of Dean and I had him sit on the kitchen top, he accompanies me while I prepare meals. It started my accident. When he was ill he would not let me set him down. In desperation I sat him on the kitchen top, as I had to cook dinner. It seemed to work and it still does.


Cooking together is a great way for him to explore tastes, shapes, textures and colours. He wants to lend a hand and he does as much as it’s possible: squeezing lemons, mixing, peeling onion, splitting garlic into cloves, grating cheese, pouring and adding things. He also has his own (blunt) knife, as he is obsessed with cutting things. I never thought my son would become my kitchen helper at 21 months!


Here he is laying out round (-ish) yellow potatoes in the pan while making a tortilla.



cooking with toddler

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