Snacks on the go, not just for veggies



Whenever we went walking in the mountains with my parents we’d have various sandwiches with us. It was always the rule to eat the ones with meat first, cheese as second and jam the last. The order was important, especially on the hot days, to make sure we don’t get food poisoning.


Since we’re now veggie meat is off the menu, so it mean that our snacks are good for longer when we’re out and about.


The key requirements from the snacks are: healthy and nutritious, as mess free as possible, easy to prepare.


Here’s a few snacks I find handy for the days-out:


Savoury muffins

They are easy and quick to make and can be frozen. It’s a great way to make sure your child eats vegetables on days out, when it’s all too easy to offer them just bready things to eat when in the buggy or walking around. One of my favourite recipes isΒ Cheddar and Carrot Muffins.


Porridge cutlets

I’ve made these out of desperation one day, or is it called inspiration? I didn’t have much in the fridge and no time to pop out shopping if I was to cook a meal at all.


There’s no recipe as such as all this snack amounts to is porridge oats cooked with water or veg stock (I like the convenience and speed of cooking it for 5 minutes in the microwave; don’t forget to stir a couple of times to release the gooines of Β gluten) and grated or chopped vegetables thrown in. The vegetables are added once the porridge is cooked and soften up with the heat.


I like to add cheese and raw egg for extra nutrition. And some fresh herbs if you have, but dried ones are perfectly fine. Once all the ingredients are in stir the mixture. Let it cool down a little and form into small palm sized patties about an inch thick. Cover with dried bread crumbs and fry for a few minutes or bake for 15 minutes in 180C oven. I usually fry patties for Daddy and me and bake the ones for Little F.


Cutlets can be cut up into ‘fingers’ which makes them an ideal finger snack.


Bread-sticks and dip

I don’t bake my own bread sticks (I really should try!), as you can get pretty nice organic ones in many shops now. They are ideal as eat-out snacks. I usually dip the stick in hummus or nut-butter (these we do make at home) and give it to Little F. He licks of the dip and I let him eat the bread-stick at his own pace, as without the dip it won’t get messy.



This wonderful ingredient comes in lots of shapes and sizes , which is an easy way to add variety to your meals, and cooks in minutes. How not to love it? In take-away version I usually use fusilli or penne, which fit perfectly into toddlers hands (and mouth). I add whatever is handy, this may be leftover roast vegetables, some tuna and cherry tomatoes, big pieces of a hard-boiled egg, cooked vegetables etc. What you happen to have really. I avoid sauces as it makes things messy.



Ok, you don’t actually have to cook them, but they do make a great healthy and nutritious snack when out and about.


What is your favourite toddler snack when out for the day? I’d love to hear from you so do leave me a comment.


Photo credit: juhansonin / Foter / CC BY

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