Sweet peanut review – organic clothes for kids

Most of my kids clothes are hand-me-downs or bought second hand. Occasionally I do like to treat them to something new. Of course we try to buy only organic children’s clothes, as I think it is important to support the organic clothes industry. And chemical free clothes are the best for kids’ delicate skin. And ‘yes’, sometimes the temptation is irresistible to buy something nice.

I have been approached by Sweet Peanut, a Canadian based organic kids clothes company, to review a few of their pieces. I had a good look at their credentials ad website before accepting the offer. I like the idea behind this company. All the clothes they produce are made out of soft organic cotton. The styles are comfortable and easy to wear (and wash). The bright patterns and colours are cheerful, but still classic.


Sweet Peanut review – organic big kid’s PJs

For Big F I chose a cheerful and soft orange striped pyjamas. I chose size Age 3, as at the time he was 2 and a half years old (this is quite an overdue review, as he is 3 and a half now). It was a good fit, it even accommodated a bulky night-time cloth nappy, though it did not leave much room to grow. I like to buy slightly bigger clothes, to make them last longer.

sweet peanut review organic kids clothes long pj smiling boy mumbalance

The reason for tight fit of pyjamas is American and Canadian regulations, which stipulate that loose pyjamas must be doused with fire-retardant chemicals (yuck!). To avoid this unnecessary exposure to chemicals Sweet Peanut designs close fitting PJs, which are considered safer and therefore don’t have to be treated with fire retardants.

sweet peanut long pj review organic kids clothes mumbalance

As I have mentioned this is a long overdue review, as I have lost my laptop to humidity and electric surges on Bali. Along with the laptop I have also lost the original pictures I took for this review, so the pictures you see are when Big F was over 3 years old). Big F started wearing these PJs when he was 2.5 and stopped when he was about 3.5 years old. So despite the seemingly tight fit, he got a year’s wear out of them. Though as you can see below they were quite small by the end…

sweet peanut review organic kids clothes long pj mumbalance


Sweet Peanut review – organic dressy romper

For Little S I chose a comfy short-sleeved dress/romper. I have never before come across such a design, where a short dress is stitched together with a romper. It is both practical and pretty. Perfect for daily wear in warm climate, with soft organic cotton absorbing the sweat.

sweet peanut review organic kids clothes dressy romper front mumbalance

sweet peanut review organic baby clothes dressy romper detail mumbalance

I like the colourful pattern and the detail around the neck and folded over sleeves. These are simple, but well though out adornments.

sweet peanut review organic baby clothes mumbalance dressy romper detail back

I liked the little button on the back, until after a few washes the loop has unraveled a bit and I can’t do it up anymore. This is probably the only downside of this outfit. Otherwise it washes really well: the fabric remains soft and the colours don’t fade.

sweet peanut review organic baby clothes dressy romper comfort mumbalance

This romper is great for exploring. The dress element is quite short so it does not get in the way when learning to crawl and walk.


Sweet Peanut review – organic baby footed pyjama

For Little S I also chose a snug and soft pyjama (3-6 months). There was a vain hope in my head that it would help her sleep through the night. Sadly, it didn’t.

I must confess that when the clothes finally arrived I loved this pyjama so much that Little S went to the park wearing it. I got some nice comments from my mummy friends. Particularly that it looked good quality.

I must apologise for lack of good quality photos of this pyjama, as these also were lost with my laptop. I only have one blurry image, which miraculously survived…

sweet peanut review organic baby clothes kids pjs mumbalance

This is an image from Sweet Peanut website, which shows you the lovely air-balloon patter. They don’t seem to have the footed pyjama with this pattern anymore.

sweet peanut review baloon pjs mumbalance

Image source: Sweet Peanut website

The zip is a very practical solution, as it is quicker to do up compared to poppers. Little S is quite a wriggly baby, so a quick zip makes dressing up easier. There is a little tab by the chin to secure the zip and make sure it does not poke her.


The bottom line

These are very good quality organic clothes. The designs are pretty and practical. The patterns and colours don’t fade after washing. The fabric remains soft and keeps the shape well.



It took a while for the parcel to arrive, as it does not go via air-mail, but is shipped. Shipping uses less fuel compared to planes.

The packaging is recyclable.

Clothes are made in India in accordance with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which means as well as guaranteeing organic product, high standards of employee welfare are observed. You can read more about GOTS certification in here.


PS. We have received these clothes free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.