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baby recipes

Pierogi – all in one finger food

  Every culture has a dish, which consists of cooked, fried or baked pastry with filling inside. Polish version are pierogi (pronounced pye-roh-gee): pastry with a filling cooked in water. All my life I have eaten this dish with only a few fillings: peppery minced meat, savoury Russian pierogi (delicious, but strange sounding, mix of […]

Snacks on the go, not just for veggies

  Whenever we went walking in the mountains with my parents we’d have various sandwiches with us. It was always the rule to eat the ones with meat first, cheese as second and jam the last. The order was important, especially on the hot days, to make sure we don’t get food poisoning.   Since […]

Super Quick Veggie Dishes for Mum and Toddler

Following the success of Sample Vegetarian Menus for Mum and Toddler (tweeted by MumsNet!) I’ve decided to write more about the food we eat since we turned veggie. These are not recipes but ideas born from lack of time. I’ve put them together to give you a framework and basis for a meal, but the actual ingredients […]

Sample Vegetarian Menus for Mum and a Toddler

Since we became vegetarian a few months ago I had to rethink what I know about cooking and nutrition. That’s not quite true. I started to make a lot of changes in the way we eat when we started baby led weaning (BLW) with Little F. Both these lifestyle changes meant that my old cooking habits, […]