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zero waste

Jamu – science behind traditional Balinese medicine and how to make it

It is very interesting to live outside of Western world for a prolonged period of time. One of the things I hear a lot about is alternative medicine. Except in Indonesia it is not alternative, it is something people do and have been doing for thousands of year. The most popular traditional medicine in Indonesia, […]

les sublimes launch mumbalance

Les Sublimes – a sustainable clothes brand that wants you to have it all

I am not much of a fashion blogger, so when I do talk clothes I tend to take the sustainability and ethics angle. I have recently been approached by an exciting new brand, which is launching today (hurray!). Les Sublimes promises to give everything to a lover of sustainable clothes: timeless style allowing to wear […]

the non disposables mooncup review and giveaway mumbalance

The Non-Disposables: alternatives to tampons/pads – Mooncup review and giveaway

This is the third post in The Non-disposables series, which is all about finding non disposable alternatives to disposable everyday items. This week  it’s all about the Mooncup! You probably vaguely heard about it and you think it’s a bit hippy and more than a bit yuk!, but if you’re a woman do read on […]