Tai Chi Challenge – Final week

This is the 4th and final week of my Tai Chi Challenge – Can I become the energised mum in 10 minutes a day?. Thank you very much for your kind comments and support. You’ve made my journey a very interesting one! And apologies for posting this a few weeks late – real life took over for a bit…


tai chi challenge final week


So, am I now the energised mum? Let’s see how I got on:

Week one

I have set out the challenge of doing 10 minutes of Tai Chi daily to raise my energy levels

I have increased the time to 20 odd minutes, because a 12 minute warm up is recommended and lessons on particular movements are longer than 10 minutes

 Week two

I’ve started to feel frustrated with my Tai Chi DVD, as the 10 minutes limit means I can’t finish lessons on particular movement. It became frustrating to pick up where I’ve left the day before, as it meant that I was starting in the middle of movement. I wasn’t learning anything properly, so I have decided to move on to Qigong and instantly loved it, as it was easier to follow and the work out on you tube, was coherent.

Week three

I’m sticking with Qigong, minus a couple of days when we were away camping and a day when I’ve done yoga instead.


Day 21

Things are in balance today. I have done Qigong not on the beginning of Little F’s nap, as I usually would, but after an hours work. It was a very refreshing break. I think this works best. The problem is I tend to get caught up with work and doing just-one-more-thing so it’s easy to loose the sense of time. Or Little F might wake sooner than usual, and I will miss my opportunity to practice.


Day 22

Monday and Tuesday is always a busy day for me with lots of emails. Emails which have to be dealt with within working hours. As a result Little F’s nap was taken over with work. I promised myself I’ll practice in the evening, but with Little F going to sleep later – because of brighter and longer evenings – I didn’t get an opportunity until 10 pm. Now that is just too late… No Qigong today.


Day 23

I’ve had a driving lesson today (no near misses today so improving!), so I only got a chance to do my Qigong in the evening. We’re talking after 9 pm… I could not stop myself from yawning… I really need to make sure I do my practice during the day or not bother at all.


Day 24

I have prioritised and managed to do the practice during Little F’s nap. Points for me!

I’ve done something with my leg work, tucking the bum in (I’ve been told energy escapes through bum!) and making sure my knees don’t cross the toe line, and this made me feel my thighs work harder. In a good way.


Day 25, 26, 27,28

We have been away to Bearded Theory Festival, which meant I didn’t have an opportunity to practice. I’m curious to see how will I be doing with Qigong after a few days’s break.


After the challenge:

I must be honest and say that after coming back from the Bearded Theory Festival I haven’t done any Qigong. Those few days away threw me off the routine of daily life. I’ve also stopped blogging for a couple of weeks – I needed a break. From this perspective I can see that doing daily exercise in form of Tai Chi or Qigong made a difference. It gave me time and space to breathe and empty my mind, and to look after my body. It definitely gave me more energy, as after two weeks of not doing much (other than looking after a busy toddler and the house) I feel rather deflated.


I will make an effort to come back to Qigong this coming week. It has started to change my life and I want to go with it all the way. I have started to read Robert Peng’s book The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love and Wisdom and so far his story reads like a fantasy novel. I am really curious what his advice and dedication to daily practice can bring to my life.


I would like to thank you all for following my challenge. In particular Susan who has been following and cheering me on from the beginning.