The Best Beauty Hacks for Breastfeeding Mums

This week my guest blogger is Regina Due. She hasn’t got a blog yet, but who knows what the future brings! She has some great simple beauty tips for time and sleep deprived breastfeeding mums. It still sounds quite high maintenance to me, as I don’t wear make-up anyway, but I hope you’ll find these useful. Over to Regina.


When you become the source of food, care and love to a tiny human being, then the pressure is on to always be there. With all of the night feedings and early morning fussiness, laundry, cooking and a thousand other things to think of, the priority to look good is often given a back seat β€” together with parties and lazy mornings.

Despite the importance of being there for your baby, having a sense of self and feeling good about yourself is also important. This feeling is what will help you feel confident during such an overwhelming time, it will make you want to go out and find solace in other mothers and it will give you that sense of happiness we all feel when we look in the mirror and see an image that we approve of.

This said, looking good doesn’t have to take hours, especially when you are a breastfeeding mum. The following is a list of some of the best beauty hacks you can take on, to feel beautiful in no time.


Get rid of those tired eyes

Sleep deprivation is a common theme on the lips of all mothers. Remove those tired, puffy eyes and look like you had the best sleep of your life everyday by putting tea bags on your eyelids for ten minutes, cucumber under your eyes or even potato slices to get rid of the dark circles so you can look fresh faced.

Get your creams in order

Having a simple skin care routine is an investment to helping your face age gracefully. Let your beauty therapist recommend the serum or eye cream for your face and limit the routine to a three step one, so that you can give the nourishment your face needs in very little time.

Made up face

Nobody expects you to draw a cat eyeliner on your face during this time but mascara, concealer and a great lip color for your skin tone are your best bet to look made up in no time.

Choose patterns

An all-white ensemble is not a good idea when you have a newborn who throws up milk every now and then. Find bold patterned maternity blouses and tops during this time so you will look stain free throughout the day.

Channel timeless elegance

Tying your hair in a bun with a hairband is an easy way of removing your hair off your face during this time but this style can look messy. Rather than using a hairband, choose hair pins to tie your hair in a sleek bun so you can channel elegant style easily.

blow dry

Create soft, wavy hair

If you prefer to keep your hair down but you can’t see yourself blow drying your hair every couple of days, then tie your hair in a bun before you go to sleep so you can have soft waves the morning after.

A pro manicure

With all of the washing, your regular nail polish will be starched off your nails in a matter of hours. For beautiful nails that last longer, give yourself a treat and go to a professional manicurist to paint your nails with long lasting nail polish so that no matter, your hands will always look beautiful.

The power of Vaseline

From chapped lips to dry hands, dry knees and cracked heels, Vaseline is the product to give you smooth, silky skin in no time.

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