The Best Home-Made Edible Art Supplies

Over the last week we have been having lots of fun with edible art supplies. Yes, edible art supplies. Not only are they edible, they are also home-made, so will cost you hardly a penny. AND they are quick and easy to make. AND easy to clean up! Are you ready to find out more about them?


edible play dough paint


First we made home-made play dough and Little F was delighted. Finally something squishy he is allowed to play with! He likes to play with his food, but it creates so much mess I have to put a stop to it. Maybe more play dough time will take away the excitement from playing with food?


The dough is great, as it is not sticky or greasy, which means no stains on fabric or wooden table, and easy to clean up in general.

home made play dough

It is edible, but it is foul, becuase of a big amont of salt in it. Little F did try it a couple of times, but clearly decided it’s not good.


Here’s the recipe for this wonderful home-made play dough.



The next thing we turned our attention to were home-made edible finger paints. I wanted to make sure the weather was good the day I planned to make them, as I’d rather this sort of messy play to take place outside.


Paints took about 10 minutes in total to prepare and cool down. Then we took a sheets of paper and got Little F dressed in his trademark strawberry suit. With his high-chair set-up by an old patio table, we were ready to start!

edible finger paints

He really enjoyed the soft and thick texture, and that he was allowed to mush it about. He did find it fun to leave marks on the paper, but it was not the most fascinating thing for him about this activity. I think we need to wait for his inner Picasso to wake up in some weeks time…


Here’s the recipe for home-made edible finger paints.


Have you got any favourite art activities with your children? When did your kids started to enjoy making art?