The End of Breastfeeding



Last week I have stopped breastfeeding Little F. Not by choice. I intended to breastfeed until he is one year old (he is 11 months now). After a weekend away my milk simply finished. This meant that the switch to formula was very abrupt.


A day or two after we started formula he developed a high fever (39 Celcius) and become a different child, clingy and seeking constant attention, crying for no apparent reason. This shocked me. Is this because I am no longer feeding him?


I took him to the doctor. Strangely enough to a dermatologist because Little F has had red marks and sores on his bum which didn’t heal up in three weeks (despite lots of nappy free time and thick layer of organic red clover cream). I was right to suspect that the fever was connected. He has a bacterial and yeast infection. We were given syrup, two creams and a strange purple substance to clean his bum. The morning and evening bum care now takes 20 minutes and neither of us enjoys it. Not because it hurts anymore, but because Little F is impatient to get up and get going!


He has also been teething for the last three weeks or so. The teeth are almost there, you can see them under the gums and the corners of the large top gnashers are poking through. So frustrating as they still haven’t broken through the gums. Is this also a reason for a change in his behaviour?


Deep down I feel that it is the cessation of breastfeeding which has had such an impact on him. He has been teething for a while now and the bum has been bad for three weeks and yet he behaved normal.


I can’t wait for the teeth to come through and the bum to clear up. I want to see will my boy return to being the lovely smiling child he has been. Or is it the abrupt change of breastfeeding which has unsettled him so much.


Is it is me or is it Mummy-guilt whispering in my ear ‘it’s all your fault’….




Photo credit: c r z / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)