The Non-Disposables: alternatives to tampons/pads – Mooncup review and giveaway

This is the third post in The Non-disposables series, which is all about finding non disposable alternatives to disposable everyday items. This week  it’s all about the Mooncup! You probably vaguely heard about it and you think it’s a bit hippy and more than a bit yuk!, but if you’re a woman do read on for your comfort’s sake.

mooncup with bag and box mumbalance

What is a Mooncup?

Mooncup* is a reusable silicone menstrual cup. Rather then soak up blood, like a tampon does, it collects it. So far so normal. The advantage of  menstrual cup over tampon is its flexibility, which means you don’t feel a thing. It’s easy to forget you are using one and you have to remind yourself to empty it every 4-8 hours (unless you have period pains of course…).


When the parcel arrived I was happy to note that it’s recyclable. The cup itself is made out of soft to touch medical grade silicone. There’s also an organic cotton drawstring pouch to store the Mooncup.


When my time of the month arrived I was so eager to try the Mooncup I skipped reading the instruction. I thought ‘wow! This is huge! How am I supposed to put it in?!’ I had a quick look at the diagram on the box and managed to put the cup in (with a toddler banging on the bathroom door…). It wasn’t the most comfortable thing to do. And than things got worse. It was painful to walk and sit – I was cursing myself in my mind for trying this out….


And than I read the instructions…


mooncup with organic cotton bag mumbalance

Mooncup has a long stem, which needs to be trimmed according to personal anatomy. I didn’t trim mine at all and that’s why I felt discomfort and pain. Once I trimmed it the cup was very comfortable.


It takes a few times to get the hang of putting in and taking out the cup comfortably, but that’s normal with anything new. Once you get it it’s like riding a bicycle…

mooncup folding mumbalance

The cup has to be rinsed before putting it back in, which is not a problem at home. When out head to the disabled toilets, as they have sinks in them – I go to disabled anyway because baby changing facilities are often there. And I have take the buggy with me anyway.


If there’s no tap the leaflet advises to take a bottle of water with you to the cubical. Or just wipe it clean with paper and make sure to clean it properly when taking it out next time.

mooncup made in uk mumbalance

The silicone is very durable so will last for years. Huge saving on pads or tampons, as the Mooncup is only £20. For more information or to buy it visit this website*.


There are two sizes: A for women over 30 or women who had vaginal birth and B for women under 30 who haven’t had vaginal birth. Mooncup can be used from first period.


 If you want to talk about Mooncup and periods to your teenage daughter, this fun video is a great conversation starter:

This is a product which sits very well with my Zero Waste Challenge. And I can also see it being handy on long, full day hikes.


Eco credentials:

Mooncup is made in UK. The company is based in Brighton. As you know I love anything made in UK, it cuts air miles and provides jobs.


Silicone is recyclable, however it’s unlikely your curbside collection would do it. It’s a case of taking it to a special recycling facility. The Mooncup will last many years though, so you won’t have to worry about that for a while.


Simple paper packaging, the paper is not coated, which makes it easier to recycle.


Even the bag is made of organic cotton. Meaning less oil based pesticides leaking into the soil.


The Good Shopping Guide awarded Mooncup with ethical company badge.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you ever had TSS (toxic shock syndrome) you’re advised not to use menstrual cups (or tampons for that matter).

mooncup review the non disposables mumbalance


I am very happy to offer one of my readers a Mooncup! It will give you many years of comfortable periods (as much as it is possible…) and savings to boot. Please complete the form below to enter.


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PS. I have been sent a sample for review purposes. All opinions are my own and entirely honest.
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