Warming luxury – Jadu Tea review and giveaway

I like tea. This being England I feel I need to explain that I don’t mean a cup of black tea with milk. I am Polish and an English cup of tea is something I never managed to get used to. I like herbal teas and fruit infusions, as they have a nice flavour, no caffeine and no sugar. This makes them a great drink in pregnancy, as well as a flavourful substitute for sugary cordials for my toddler. They are tasty both hot and cold, which I really appreciate as being a parent I often don’t get to drink my tea hot.


We have been sent Woodland Fruit infusion by Jadu Tea London. I was very excited to try it, as branding promised a high quality and luxurious drink.


So here’s my thoughts in order of sensual discovery:

on opening the packet the smell is very sweet (a little too sweet for me, but it may be just my heightened pregnant senses)

the elements of infusion are whole fruits and leaves, so it’s easy to see all the components are natural

after brewing the infusion is clear, lively red – great excuse to drink your tea in a glass (the Russian way)

the balance of sweet and sour is very good, though I sensed a hint of what I can only describe as candy; all in all a refreshing drink


jadu tea woodland fruit mumbalance


The pouch lists all the ingredients: Hibiscus petals, Apple pieces, Elderberries, Rosehip peel, Freeze-dried blackcurrants, Pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar), Blackcurrant leaves, Strawberry pieces, Flavour. It all sounds delicious until you get to the mysterious flavouring. I would have liked to know more about it. Is it natural? Why the need with all the berries?


All the ingredients are natural (potentially apart from the flavouring), but sadly not organic. Exact source of ingredients is not specified, though the Jadu Tea website states that fruits and herbs come from Europe, while teas are sources from China, India, Sri Lanka and Africa. It’s nice to know that all is blended and packaged in UK providing local employment.


jadu tea brewed mumbalance


I like the luxury feel of the packaging. It looks like something you’d expect to be served in a high-end deli. Though I would like to see some information about recyclability. Since the resealable packet is so sturdy we may find another use for it once the tea is finished.


Jadu Tea also have beautiful and smart gift boxes of tea (though not all the teas are available in a gift box). I like things in nice boxes, as I always reuse them either to package another gift, store jewellery or do some crafting with my toddler.



Eco credentials

Ingredients used in products are mostly natural, but unfortunately not organic. The company places great care in sourcing the best ingredients, but there is no information or certification informing about labour conditions. No information about recyclability of packaging.



Jadu Tea Giveaway

I have been offered a pouch of luxurious English Breakfast tea as a prize for one lucky winner. Remind yourself what great quality tea tastes like!


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PS. We have been sent a pouch of tea for the purpose of writing an honest review. This in no way affects our opinions.

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