When Does the Bad Stuff Start?


16 months into the job and I am enjoying being a mum.So much so that I am worried. Is this the calm before the storm? When will the bad stuff start happening?


I don’t mean that mothering is easy. I’ve had plenty of bad moments and days, but they are more to do with tiredness and relentlessness rather than Little F actually doing something bad. By nature IΒ veer towards lax (as in relax), rather than control freak, so maybe this is helping.


By bad stuff I mean constant colds and tummy upsets, sleepless nights (beyond babyhood), food strikes,Β tantrums (ok, we are starting to see a glimpse of that)…


I heard and read so much bad things about parenthood I can’t help but think ‘when will it all happen to me?’.Parents with older children like to say ‘wait till they – insert appropriate horror -, it gets worse’. One of these is starting to walk. Little F has been walking since 13 months and I found that it made things much much easier. Sure, he can get everywhere now, but a little rearranging got rid of the problem. Him walking means he can preoccupy himself with something for longer, or move from one ‘activity’ to another without my help. And I’ve spent all that time dreading it!


I’m slowly starting to think the bad times will never come…


Fingers crossed, there won’t be a rude awakening!


How do you find parenthood? Better or worse than you expected?


Photo credit: freeparking 😐 / Foter / CC BY



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