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I thought you might be tempted to look! Though you might want to look away once you start reading.


A few months ago I have decided to write some posts about women’s rights charities. Through writing about them I want to highlight the abuses of women’s rights and the fantastic job charities are doing. These charities need help, donations and volunteers, but sometimes it’s just about spreading the word. Knowledge is power and if women know where to turn for help or what their rights are, they can start to turn their lives around.


As the name for this series I have chosen a quote from Hilary Clinton’s famous speech she delivered during the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995:


Women’s rights are human rights.

                                       Hilary Clinton


It encapsulates in a few powerful words the ultimate fact, which is often overlooked. I will add a new charity to my list every first Wednesday of the month, so do subscribe to make sure you won’t miss it.


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My first charity is Womankind, an organisation which supports root-level activists who empower women through teaching them about their rights.

I am so impressed with this charity I actually wrote about them twice! Read here and here to find out more about their work and how you can help.




Logo-NCDVTo bring things closer to home I chose National Centre for Domestic Violence, as my second organisation. They work in UK and provide free and quick injunctions for survivors of domestic violence. These injunctions mean that if the abuse happens again police can arrest the violent ex-partner on the stop.


It is important to spread the word about NCDV, as 25%-30% women have experienced domestic violence. That’s more than one in four women. That is someone you know. If a survivor of domestic violence knows where to turn to for help, she can turn her life around. And in many cases this also means protecting her children.


You can read more about NCDV and why their work is crucial here.

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