Zero Waste Week 2016

You haven’t heard from me for a few weeks, as I have been busy preparing my family for a few month’s stay in Bali (you can read more about why we are going here). We are now in Bali (hurray!) and I am back to blogging. And I am back with some great news – today is the start of Zero Waste Week! For one week (from 5th to 9th September) I would like to invite you to consider how much waste you are creating. This year we are focusing on food waste in particular.


You can sing up here and pledge what will you do this week to stop food waste. Maybe reusing leftovers, or meal planning, or making a shopping list to avoid buying too much food. It’s up to you! The beauty of doing something in a group is that everyone has a great idea to contribute.


Last year the Zero Waste Week (created by wonderful Rachelle Strauss from has reached 35 million people globally and #zerowasteweek trended on Twitter. It was also heard at the House of Parliament as an Early Day Motion. I hope you will help us make it bigger and better this year, to reach even more people and spread the zero waste message even further.


Remember,there is no such place as away (as in throw away), it’s called a landfill.